Wat is haarpoeder / hair building fibers?

Wat is haarpoeder / hair building fibers?

hair powder, also known as hair building fibers or as volume powder, provides a quick, temporary solution for thinning hair by adding volume and thickness. These fibers consist of natural keratin proteins that blend with the existing hair and are available in different colors to match your own hair color. Lionhair hair powder is resistant to wind, rain and sweat. Outdoor activities are therefore no problem when you use hair powder.

The quality of brands such as Lionhair gives a natural look and these hair fibers are available in nine different colors, which are suitable for every type of hair, for both men and women. Due to the electrostatic charge of hair fibers, such as those from Lionhair, they immediately adhere to your own hair, immediately giving you a thicker-looking head of hair.

Wat is haarpoeder of hair building fibers?

Hair powder, volume powder or hair building fibers, are made from keratin protein, which is similar to the protein in human hair, providing a natural and unobtrusive solution to thinning hair. These fibers are designed to instantly make hair look thicker and fuller, regardless of hair type or texture, providing a versatile solution for anyone dealing with hair thinning or bald spots. They can also be used to cover partings, conceal extensions and touch up roots between color treatments.

  • Application: After the hair has been styled, the hair fibers sprinkled evenly over hair. They attach to the hair using static electricity, creating a natural look that lasts until the next wash.
  • Color range: Available in a range of nine natural colours, with the option to mix two colors for a perfect match.
  • Sustainability: Volume powder is resistant to water, wind and sweat, making them a reliable solution that will not run or fade in different weather conditions. They stay firmly in place until washed out with shampoo.

How does hair powder work?

Hair powder works effectively by bonding to existing hair using static electricity, creating a fuller and thicker head of hair. For optimal adhesion, it is advisable to apply the fibers when the hair is completely dry. The use of gel prior to application is not recommended, as this can make the adhesion of the fibers more difficult.

  • Step-by-step application for best results:
  • Make sure the hair is completely dry.
  • Start with a small amount of fiber and add more if necessary for a natural result.
  • Use one if necessary hair fiber applicator for precise application and to prevent fiber waste.
  • Apply a fiber hold spray to strengthen the bond between the hair fibers and your own hair, making the fibers more resistant to wind, rain and perspiration.

*Spray applicator

Research shows that hair powders maintain their integrity and adhesion after multiple sprays with water, with no fiber residue or streaks observed. This highlights the durability and reliability of hair building fibers as a solution for thinning hair.

The benefits of using hair powder

Using hair powder offers several benefits that contribute to both appearance and self-confidence. Here are some of the most notable benefits:

  • Direct thicker and fuller hair: With hair powder you can enjoy thicker and fuller hair in an instant. This is ideal for people who are dealing with thinning hair or bald spots and are looking for a quick solution.
  • Water and weather resistant: A major advantage of hair powder is that it is resistant to water, humidity, and even sweat. This means you don't have to worry about the fibers falling out, even in the rain or during an intense workout.
  • Safe and without side effects: Hair powder is safe to use and has no unpleasant side effects. This makes it a reliable choice for daily use, without worrying about potential damage or irritation to the scalp.

Each of these benefits contributes to improved self-image and self-confidence, helping you feel your best no matter the situation.

How to correctly apply hair powder for best results

To get the best results with hair powder, we have some tips:

  1. Preparation: Start with dry hair to ensure the best adhesion of the fibers.
  2. First Application: Spray a light layer of fibers over the head to prepare it for a sleek line.
  3. Define lines: Touch up the hairline after the first application for a sharp, natural-looking line, using a hairline optimizer.
  4. Extra Low: Apply an additional layer of fiber to ensure all lighter areas are filled.
  5. Finish: Check for symmetry and make sure everything looks natural and sharp.

By following these steps and tips, you will ensure a natural-looking result that resists wind, rain and sweat, giving you confidence with a fuller head of hair.


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